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  • Since 2003 the INVENT company  successfully works in the market of machine tools for metal working 
  • The companys mission: to make modern technologies of metal available in Russia 
  • Our main goal is to take over all the difficulties that arise when the client manufacturing new equipment

Areas of activity: 


INVENT in numbers 


Our equipment 

Branches of application equipment 


Our Partners 

  • The basis of our work - long-term partnerships with a number of proven manufacturing plants equipment
  • We have spent many years on the choice of those partners that we truly believe and which we can recommend to our customers
  • Among them:
Our customers
  • We are proud to have built a partnership and friendly relations with many clients all over Russia and the CIS
  • Most of our customers - small private companies to invest their own money in upgrading their production
  • These customers have the highest demands on the efficiency of our solutions, the quality and speed of service
  • But of course, we are working with major clients, who often confront us with very complex, interesting technological tasks
Examples of completed projects
  • OAO Norilsk Nickel - the production of elements of conveyor systems
  • OAO Sibneftemash - manufacture of tank equipment for the petrochemical industry
  • OAO Ural Turbine Plant - the outer shells of turbines made of special steel
  • Energomash Group companies - production of engineering metal structures
  • OOO Uralhydromash - bending equipment for production of hydraulic pumps
  • OOO "Stroyavtodor" - a set of equipment for the production of road barriers
  • OAO "Tatelectromontazh" - automatic production line lattice transmission towers; production line multifaceted supports
  • OOO "Mosflowline" -production gas pipes for the Nord Streit
  • OAO "Ural Electrochemical Plant" - production of equipment for the nuclear industry
  • OOO "Dmitrovgradhimmash" - production of chemical reactors
  • OOO "Sotsinteh" - production line multifaceted supports
  • OOO "Glazov Plant Chemical Engineering" - the production of chemical tanks
  • OOO "AST" - the production of welded I-beam
  • Over the years we have realized: the main work in the delivery of the equipment begins after delivery
  • That service allows you to achieve a smooth, efficient, long-term operation of the equipment
  • Therefore, the main item of our investments are always - improving the quality of service
  • We work every day to make our service faster, easier, more understandable for you!
Customer service - standards
  • The result of this work - the standards of service that can count on each client which have been fixed in the Treaty of delivery:
  • These figures - only an intermediate result, which will be continuously improved.
Warehouse equipment
  • We are well aware of the unpredictability of the Russian manufacturing sector
  • Often, our customers dont have time to wait for the delivery of the necessary equipment
  • Therefore, we have invested heavily in stocks of equipment
  • Constantly in our warehouse more than 700 pieces of equipment
  • Delivery time on any equipment included in the price list does not exceed 3 weeks.
Always in our warehouse:
  • Installation of laser and plasma cutting
  • Guillotine and bending press.
  • Bandsaws
  • Bending Machines and profile bending machine
  • Jig grooved machines
  • Machines for the production of air ducts
Delivery without intermediaries
  • We will never work with intermediaries.
  • All equipment is purchased by us directly from manufacturers.
  • Moreover, we can always offer you to conclude a direct contract between your company and the manufacturer of the equipment.
  • All service and warranty obligations under this contract will be the company INVENT.
Transparency supplies
  • All our deliveries are made fully transparent and formal.
  • Customs clearance and delivery is carried out by in-house logistics companies
  • At any time, we can provide you with all documents relating to any delivery: invoices, shipping documents, customs declaration, certificate.
  • This also applies to all machines that are in our warehouse.
  • You can be sure that after the acquisition of our equipment you will not have problems with tax or customs authorities.
  • We work only with reliable, official, certified transport companies
  • All our shipments are insured fully and officially
The advantages of working with our company: 


  • It is well known for a long time working in the market the company
  • A large number of successfully completed transactions
  • Financial stability, lack of credit and debt
  • A large number of machines, spare parts and consumables in stock
  • Is the official representative of leading manufacturers of equipment

An integrated approach

  • Selection of machines not by name, but based on the production technology, the parameters of the finished product
  • Supply wide range of equipment from a warehouse - no need to wait and freeze funds in prepayment
  • A flexible approach to financing the transaction - the widespread use of credit and leasing schemes, bank guarantees and other financial instruments
  • The possibility of organizing direct delivery of equipment from the factory to the customer
  • Guaranteed transparency of the transaction
  • Arrangements for delivery of equipment, packaging, loading and unloading
  • Carrying out commissioning, training of personnel
  • Internships personnel operating enterprises
  • Guild logistics, optimization of waste production automation
  • Warranty and post-warranty service, supplementing manufacturers warranty.
  • Highly skilled service engineers, regular training at the factory
  • Wide experience of commissioning and maintenance on a wide range of equipment in a variety of applications
  • Stock of spare parts, spare parts and consumables
  • The possibility of concluding a contract for regular technical inspections of equipment
  • Organization of service visits of European experts

Permanent collection of information 

  • Regular visits to exhibitions, equipment manufacturers, large enterprises around the world
  • Collection of technological developments for the production of various types of products, both in Russia and abroad
  • Gathering information on possible ways of optimal organization of production processes
We are at exhibitions:
  • Euroblech, Hannover
  • Fabtech, Atlanta
  • Machine tools, Moscow
  • Mashex, Moscow
  • Metalloobrabotka, Moscow
  • Metal-Expo, Moscow
  • World of climate, Moscow
  • Mosbuild, Moscow
  • Metalbuild, Moscow
  • Great Rivers, Nizhny Novgorod
  • Metalworking tools Ekaterinburg
  • Promexpo, Ufa
  • Construction Forum, Sochi
  • Machines and tools, Kazan
  • Machinery, Novosibirsk
  • Metalworking, Krasnoyarsk
  • BlechExpo, St. Petersburg
We will be glad to meet you!